What is this workshop?

This workshop aims to expose middle school students to the basics of programming and hardware design through firsthand experience with Lego Mindstorms. FIRST is a robotics organization with a culture built around gracious professionalism, a way of working that encourages value and respect for others, as well as cooperation. FIRST releases annual challenges for FLL, FTC, and FRC, the former of which is aimed at middle school students and the latter two at high school students. This workshop will allow students to design a robot which meets the requirements of the 2016 FLL (First Lego League) challenge with guidance from experienced members of the Cupertino High School FIRST Robotics club.

Workshop Agenda

This workshop aims to introduce students to the FLL program over the course of 3 weeks with one meeting each Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. Each day, there will be stations for hardware and software, with rotations made every 55 minutes to ensure the participants have something new to do. This totals to three five-hour sessions. Lunch will not be provided, so please do bring your own lunch. We'll be covering roughly the following content every day:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Our Mentors

On the right are our mentors, who are experienced individuals in Cupertino High School Robotics, whether it was in FLL (First Lego League), FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge), or in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition). Each of them wishes to create an interest and joy in robotics for other students.

Every one of our mentors is a current or incoming mentor of Cupertino High School Robotics' First Lego League teams. Hover over their pictures to read more about each one of them.

This Workshop is Proudly Sponsored By:

This workshop is brought to you by the Technology Service Group from the River of Life Foundation and Cupertino High School Robotics, both are non-profit and non-religious organizations that strives to help students find their passions in the STEM field.

Interested in joining?

  • It is on 7/22, 7/29, 8/5 for three consecutive Saturdays
  • From 10:00am to 3:00pm, and a lunch break from 12:00pm to 1:00pm
  • Location: Room G10, ROLCC (River of Life Christian Church)
  • Address: 1177 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • Full refund if cancelled before 7/19 12:00 am

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