Dear ROLF TSG (Technology Service Group) supporters,

Thank you for your interests to come to TSG ministry to teach the class and help the community or to learn for your interests. Now, the annual ROLF annual fund raising event is happening. Please consider ordering some tickets for the event to support ROLF, which TSG is one of the groups.

In the PayPal order form, please specify your choice for delivery: classroom: will deliver to you at your current class. ROLCC: will hand deliver to you at ROLCC lobby booth. Mail: will send to you using the address from your PayPal.

Thank you for your kind supports. Together we take part in this good works.

Pojen Hsiao
Technology Service Group
River of Life Foundation

Date: 9/10/2017, Sun 7:00 pm

Place: 2215 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063, Map
Event Ticket

For the counts not shown above, please place multiple orders.