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About Technology Service Group (TSG)

What is TSG
TSG is Technology Service Group under River of Life Foundation. It was created on Feb. 2011 with the vision of providing technology supports and services to local and global charity or goodwill entities through advocacy, technical trainings and services by the committed volunteers.
You and TSG
Some people come to the TSG for technical classes, workshop or seminar to make good use of the resources. Others come to TSG to act as instructors or volunteers. For companies or other organizations, they donate software and hardware resource to support TSG for their operations.
How we operate at current stage
Currently, we are starting to offer popular and useful technical classes to our own local communities. At the same time, we are building our IT infrastructure for future plans.

TSG Class

Why registration fees?
Most classes require registration fees. This fees are used to secure the seats since the class and volunteer resource are limited. Besides, TSG accumulates these small fees to completely fund its current operations and future plans.
About Refund policy
Unless otherwise stated, TSG will fully refund the registration fees if withdraw 72 hours before the class time. To withdraw, send email to withdraw@theriverflows.org and copy the the class name title in the subject field. TSG will fully refund in up to 7 days even normally it will be processed in few hours if we have time.
About Registration process
After you review the course detail information and decide to take the class, you click the button and it will redirect you to Paypal site for you to pay through Paypal. You can fund your Paypal payment through your Paypal balance, bank or major credit card. Once you have paid, you are considered registered.
About Interest list
For some classes, we are not sure if we may have enough people to attend, so we let you put your name in the interest list. Once the number is enought, we will notify you to pay for the class. At that point You can reconsider if you really want to take the class and pay at that time. It's always good idea to put name in the list since you will get priority to enroll.

Misc. Topics

Meal Services before classes
We know many people need to rush to classroom after work and there is no time to go to buy food. We reach out to few vendors and try to connect you with them. Tainan Cafe has been great sponsor and supporter for ROLF and they are very supportive to TSG operations so they are willing to offer the free delivery on the meals in our class dates. You can call them at 408-446-9488 or visit their restaurant for prior arrangements or click the buy now here (not yet). Their site is here and the special menu for the class (not yet).
Other meal services
If you know other vendors who are willing to do free delivery, please write to tsg@theriverflows.org so that I can connect them with you. If you have any other suggestions, you are welcome to share with us. The goal of these services is to make it convenient for you and save your time. Please note that TSG has not endorsed any vendor and has no affiliation with them.
About Classroom
The power outlet is limited, so plan on fully charged notebook. There may have Wi-Fi access in some classrooms, but not all can connect at the same time.