Course Name: iPhone app development for software engineers

Date & Place

9/15, 22, 29, 10/6, 13, 20 total 6 meets, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm G10 in ROLCC


Learn to create iPhone native app and publish it to the app store. This course will take you through the basics of iPhone development using Objective-C and XCode. Along the way, use best practices and patterns to solve real world situations including standardized ways of displaying data, interacting with backend services and analyze user interactions after publication.

Key areas:

-Create native user interface -Interact with web services -Concurrent programming within iPhone's environment -Common patterns for various situations -Graphics and transitions -Quick primer on Objective-C -Instrumentation to monitor memory usage and performance -Capture and analyze user interaction to improve your app -Publish to app store


At least one year of programming experience in one of the following languages: java, C++, C, objective-c


A intel based mac( 4 years old or newer) with at least 2GB of memory running OS X 10.6 or above.

About Instructor John Chen

John has worked in the software industry for 20 years and has worked for Apple, Microsoft, and numerous startups. Most recently he's worked on Microsoft's first iPad app and for a startup company's iPhone app that just passed 1million users. Some other notable apps include Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

Class Notes:

  1. Register for the free iOS developer account here
  2. Download and install xcode 4 on your Mac ( Remember you'll need a intel mac with at least 2Gig memory)
  3. Start reading the sections: iOS Development Guide and Learning Objective-C: A Primer