Course Title: Programming Basics in Java

Date and Place:

Y2 room at ROLCC

Dec. 17 to 21, Due to the classroom resource constrain, please view the TSG calendar. Pleae accept that the time may change. We are working to have hours from 1 to 5 pm, 4 hours each day.


This class is for 7th to 10th grade students that are new to programming. This class aims to teach the basics of computer programming to students. We will be using Java as the coding language to learn these basics because Java is a popular coding language.

Course Outlines:


This class is for anyone who desires to learn basic computer programming. Prior programming experience is not required. However a desire to learn and the ability to follow instructions is important.


Instructor: Ian Hsiao

Ian was the instructor for 2016 course Programming Basics in Java . He also served as teaching assistant for Python programming in 2015. He programs in C, Python and Java.

Mentoring Instructor: Pojen Hsiao, who began with semiconductor device researcher, CMOS modeler and analog IC designer at AMD and then became embedded system designer. Later he worked for software companies at Lotus/IBM, Juniper Network, AOL, Yahoo and eBay/PayPal, currently he works for a networking startup.


Dear Parents/Youth,

This time, we plan to have experimental classes hoping it will be a better model so that we can continue this way and offer more future youth classes and help the youth to serve the community. The instructor will be the selected youth with his/her mentor adult sitting at the class. The youth instructor will use the youth's way of communications to convey the subject topics and interact with the class students.

Before you register, please make sure you agree the following:

  1. This is an experimental class with youth instructor
  2. Only incoming 9th-11th grade students with student photo ID.
  3. a workable notebook running Eclipse and Java SDK installed.
  4. The student needs to follow general school class rules and TSG class rule if specified.
  5. Accept that this is a good-will and volunteering work and is our best-effort operations.