Course Title: Android Application Programming for Beginners

Date and Place

6/11,6/18,6/25,7/2,7/9,7/16 7:30 pm to 9:50 pm total 6 meets on Tuesday nights, from 7:30 to 9:40 pm at G10 in ROLCC G11/G12


Learn fundamentals needed to build applications for Android. In addition to learning the Android SDK, we will learn everything needed to run, compile and debug Android application.

Course Outlines



    There is essential no Internet access at classroom, so download the needed files beforehand.
  1. JAVA programming language, JAVA SDK, SQL (SQLite), Eclipse
  2. Prepare your Eclipse download here
  3. Download & Install JDK 1.6 & up
  4. download your Android SDK here
  5. Prepare yourself by reading this.

About Instructor Chitong Chang (張繼棟)

JohnChitong C. has worked in the software industry for 25 years and has worked on Software Development for Electronics, Finance, Voice Technology & Mobile industries. He is currently working on Android Applications for Mobile Workspace at VMware in Palo Alto.

Special note for this class:

Please pay attention to the Prerequisite and Requirements, if you are not in this level, you will find class not suitable for your needs. In the past, we have seen people registered class without paying attention to the class requirements and then droped the class. There is no refund or credit if you drop. The last date to cancel to receive full refund is 6/9/2013

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