Youth Camp: JavaScript

Date and Place

06/15  10:00 – 12:00  G10

06/16  13:30 – 15:30   G10

06/18  19:00 – 20:30  Y2

06/20  19:00 – 20:30 Y2

06/22  10:00 – 12:00  G10

06/23  13:30 – 15:30   G10

06/25  19:00 – 20:30  Y2

06/27  19:00 – 20:30  Y2

About instructor

Alex Pai is a veteran software engineer. He has been working on several startups building Web 2.0 applications such as ecommerce solutions, manufacturing execution systems, and data warehouse / data analysis applications. He is a font-end UI developer, back-end programmer, DBA, and Web master.


Use resources available online to get students excited about programming. It is a combination of a game and tutorial where students experience with learning to code using JavaScript. The class is designed to assume no prior knowledge of programming.

Course Outlines

·         Drawing and Coloring

·         Variables, Operators, and Assignment

·         If and Comparisons

·         For Loops

·         Functions

·         Nested Loops

·         Rotation and Translation

·         Recursion

·         Objects

·         Lists (Array)

·         Methods on Objects

·         Bitwise Operators (And Or)

·         Intro to Animation

·         Mouse Interaction


Courses are modified from and Khan Academy. All copies are owned by respective copyright owners.


·         Youth of grade 7th to 12th in Fall 2013

·         Able to browse Internet and use Web mail


·         Sign up Khan Academy (60 points)

·         Bring laptop (Windows or Mac) to class with Google Chrome   installed

·         Home work – watching the specified video. (8 x 40 = 320 points)

·         Attendance (40 pints each, total 8 x 40 = 320 points)

·         Final project, a very basic project due in a week (200 points)

·         Write up a feedback (100 to 300 words), due in a week. (100 points)

·         The total points should be 1000 points.


·         The successful student  with at least grade B will be considered for scholarship, which will be awarded as PayPal full refund.

·         The criteria is according to this grading system.


classroom rules

·         This is a very hands-on class. Students are going to watch a few short video clips and start coding in the class from day one.

·         Simple assignments will be handed out. Students are expected to complete them at home and hand-in electronically by next class.

·         A final project about creating a simple game is expected to be completed within one week after the last class. 

For Parents

·         We only offer class training, and parents are responsible for the rest, including ride, student safety, and student proper behavior.

·         The class does NOT teach anything related to Advanced Placement Computer Science or AP Java. It’s nothing to do with HTML, either.

·         Parents can learn with us and help your child by visiting Code Monster



Note: The fees will be $100, but we offer many scholarships. If you are a successful student, the fees plus scholarship, will be $0.

This class is full, you may want to consider putting your name in the waiting list for possible cancellation and for our future planning. Besides, you will be notified next time.