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This ancient temporary web page is for your info only. You are welcome to join the volunteer team to build this site. For question, please visit TSG FAQ first, then call or email to tsg@theriverflows.org ROLF Technology Service Group (TSG) is starting to offer technical classes for the community. If you are interested in the announcement, please Enter your email here.

Coming or Current Classes

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Current online services

  1. Oracle Database Instance Service (turn on only during SQL class): This cloud-based database service is for those who do not have their own working environment. This is the perfect place for them to practice and do the exercises. Instructor will provide more details info and the interactions with instructor.

Past Classes

  1. Youth Intermediate Python Programming April/2017
  2. IoT workshop 3/19/2017 $20
  3. Youth Python Programming 5 days camp Dec. 2016, $100 for African Orphanage Fund
  4. Youth Java Programming 5 days camp Dec. 2016, $100 for African Orphanage Fund
  5. Beginner Programming in Python 8/28/2016 $45
  6. Learn to Program with Python (for Youth only) 7/10/2016, $45
  7. Programming Basics in Java (for Youth only) 7/10/2016, $45
  8. Learn to Program with Python (for Youth only) 8/9/2015, $65
  9. Youth Basic Python Programming, Youth is expected to receive scholarship if minimum is met.
  10. 基礎 JavaScript Programming 4/1/2014 ($50)
  11. YouthCamp: JavaScript 6/15 $100 (many scholarships)
  12. 基礎 Android Programming. 6/11 $70 ($50 early bird)
  13. 基礎 JavaScript Programming 6/13 $70 ($50 early bird)
  14. Solving Hard interview algorithm questions (starting from 10/3 for 6 weeks $65)
  15. Java Programming I, Oct. 16, detail & register
  16. Solving Hard Algorithm Interview Questions Oct. 4 detail & register
  17. Object-C ProgrammingOct. 16 detail & register
  18. Oracle SQL Fundamentalsreserve seat here (online teaching using GoToTraining service, open to all around the world, but priority will be given to remote leaners.
  19. Javascript Programming I, 3/6 $65 registration (started 3/6)
  20. Android Application Programming $65 (full and was started 3/22)
  21. C++ Programming I: $65 registration (started 3/22)
  22. Advanced iPhone app development for software engineers 1/19 $65Full
  23. iPhone app development for software engineers Sep. 15 , $45
  24. C++ Programming -- Introduction Sep. 13. $45
  25. DreamforceConference Briefing & Related topics, this is the Cloud computing event of the year , Sep. 11 1:30pm to 4:30pm, registration $10, ($5 for early bird now),
  26. Oracle SQL Advanced $75 : see flyer and course online, starting at May 19, course completed on June 16,2011.
  27. Oracle SQL Fundamental (first round class), starting at March 1, D4 at ROLCC (completed on March 13)
  28. Preparing for Software Engineering Interview starting (see Flyer) at April 10 at G5, ROLCC Sign up Closed.
  29. Oracle SQL Fundamental (second round class) (see Flyer), starting at March 31, G10 at ROLCC Sign up Update at 4/9/2011 3:19:31 PM: Class is full and registration is closed.
  30. HTML5$65.
  31. iPhone app development for software engineers$45
  32. C++ Programming II$45.

Future Classes

  1. Algorithms Interviewing TBD/2016, $75
  2. Python Programming TBD/2016, $75
  3. Advanced Android Application Programming
  4. Javascript Programming II
  5. Regular Expression
  6. C# Programming
  7. Mathematica - Introduction
  8. C++ Programming -- Intermediate starting at (TBD). Course details link (TBD)
  9. C++ Programming -- Advanced starting at (TBD). Course details link (TBD)
  10. Oracle SQL Analytic SQL
  11. Oracle SQL Tuning
  12. Oracle Database System Administrations
  13. Hyperion Database Training (pending on attendee numbers)
  14. Programming: Java, Python, Perl, PHP and etc.
  15. Web Technologies and Design. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL multiple classes)
  16. Alternate energy, Solar Power System
  17. Linux System Administrations
  18. Adobe CS5 Photoshop
  19. Embedded System: Microcontroller: TI 430, mbed
  20. Much more in the planning pending on You and instructors and the meeting places.
Santa Clara Classroom Location:
River of Life Christian Church
1177 Laurelwood Rd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
ROLCC Map and Classroom Map.

Our deep Thanks to the following donors for their generous donations:

Companies (Total value exceeding $100,000.00 as 7/30/2011) based on the street pricing from CDW, Amazon or ZONES or donors' publish pricing.

  1. Atlassian
  2. SalesForce.com
  3. Cisco
  4. Microsoft
  5. Adobe
  6. Wolfram Research
  7. Jetbrains
  8. and many others ...

Others Donations or Grants

We missed our first grant application for a grant of $5000.00 due to "...competitive process and the committee was faced with tough decisions and limited resources". But that's OK, at least we have stepped out our first step in finding our resource for our mission. We greatly thanks those brothers & sisters who prayed for our application. June 21, 2011

Your donations:

We will maximize the impacts of your donations. For check, Pay to "ROLF (TSG Fund)", mail to 1177 Laurelwood Road Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA, For equipment, computers, online services please email to tsg@theriverflows.org